Primal, Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to lose weight? Get healthier and stronger? Need help with insulin resistance? Whatever goals you have, I can guide you through a total body transformation.


I will teach you all the wonders of the human body that you're not even aware of. Using the proper techniques, you'll be able to reach your goals.


The complete change of your diet and lifestyle is not an easy task. There can be certain pitfalls and doubts may arise. I can guide you through the hard times so you can safely continue your journey.


I'm a certifed Keto Coach by Dr. Eric Berg, and currently studying Mark Sissons Primal Health Coach Curse. These people helped thousands of people, and shared their knowledge and experience with me.

What Is the Gift of Our Ancestors?

The ancestral gift is your body. It is the perfect biological machine that everybody owns.

Our heritage, the human body is like a diamond which has been polished by millions of years of natural selection in harsh environments. It is well prepared for a variety of physical and mental challenges, to function optimally for longer periods without food and to naturally heal itself from illnesses while maintaining the perfect body composition. 

So, how is it possible that you don’t experience any of this? You’re just using it the wrong way.

My job is to educate you. As your coach, I will teach you all the things you need to change in your diet and lifestyle to tap into that ancient power, so your body can reach its peak performance and perfect shape again.

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