One of the most important topics of my consultations is the ketogenic diet, and how to apply it successfully to reach your goals, whether it is weight lossinsulin sensitivitymental clarity or stable energy levels. It affects so many areas of everyday life and health, that it is more than just a temporary diet, it is really a long-term lifestyle change.

The Story of the Diet

The ketogenic diet had a lot of earlier versions. It was officially used to treat epileptic children since the 1920s, and it significantly reduced the frequency of seizures.[1] However, the original version did not pay attention to certain details (like the quality of the fats), which could have become unhealthy in the long term.

The ketogenic diet has revived over the past few years, and nowadays more and more physicians consider it to be one of the most important tools to improve overall health. The biggest achievement is that it is officially recommended in Sweden as “the most effective treatment for overweight patients without any known adverse effects”.[2] I teach this modern, healthy version of the diet. I learned the tricks and got my certification from Dr. Eric Berg, who helped over 40,000 people with this method for nearly 30 years.[3]

Unfortunately, if you browse the Internet there are a lot of misleading, inaccurate and incomplete information on the ketogenic diet, and you will find a lot of scary things. These are without exception, based on false ideas, causing unnecessary fears and hindering people’s chances of healing. I hope that this situation will change soon and more and more people will accept this diet.

Ketogenic Basics

The principle is very simple: we keep very low carbohydrate and moderate protein intake, and the rest of the energy needs are covered by high-quality fats. All this causes the body to learn how to efficiently process fat, whether it is the ingested fat or our own body fat. Ketones are produced as a by- product of fat burning, which is the “perfect fuel” for the cells.[4] It is a pure fuel that the body produces for itself.

Few know, but when you’re burning sugar, there are a lot of harmful byproducts that cause inflammation and prevent natural healing and rejuvenating processes.[5] However, when we operate with ketones, there is no harmful by-product and it even has an anti-inflammatory effect. To give you a good analogy: your body burning sugar is like an old and slow diesel car, and when burning ketones it is like a brand new, fast, silent and efficient electric car without any emissions.

Amazing Health Benefits

Numerous studies have shown that the ketogenic diet can improve a wide variety of health conditions. But in general, its most common effects are the following:  However, the transition to a fat adapted state is not always easy, it is a radical change for the body. I know all the tips and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible. I’ll help you in every step of the way, and make sure you’ll stay with the healthy version of the diet in the long run.

Many people are reporting a drastic improvement in their health. What are your experiences? Let me know in the comments section below!


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