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Janos Homoki

I used to live my life as a programmer, however I’ve been interested in health since I had my first atrial fibrillation at the age of 21. I tried a lot of things and ate healthy as much as possible: avoid fats, eat whole grains, etc.  However by the age of 35 I wasn’t able to go longer than 2 hours without food. I had sugar crashes and I felt exhausted. It simply wasn’t safe for me to go outside without a chocolate or something in my pocket. 

Luckily I have found the ketogenic diet and the primal lifestyle. Two things that changed my life. I’ve just recently completed my 5 day fast, and I felt wonderful. Quite a long way from where are started.

My goal is to educate people. I’d like to show them how to improve their health based on everything we can learn from our ancestors.